The Importance of Strengthening Kidney Energy

Published: 31st December 2008
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The kidney energy is the basis energy in the body. Its energy pattern pursues extremely intimately to the spine, all the way into the cervical vertebra.

With no sturdy kidney energy, the body cannot keep the calcium that it absorbs. A number of calcium can be excreted, regardless of how much an individual uses supplements. This is because the kidney energy lets for the absorption of calcium, by means of its unique anchoring consequence.

All four of the kidney energy elements are important in the development and improvement of the human body. The four elements are Kidney jing (essence), Kidney yin (water), Kidney yang (fire) and Kidney qi. The 'essence' is cooked in the 'water' by means of the 'fire' to generate life-promoting 'qi'. All of the body's tasks depend on the warmth offered by Kidney qi and the door of life (the space between the left and right Kidneys).

The skin of those with weak kidney energy is often brown and lacks elasticity. Such people have poor circulation, especially in the hips and hara; frequent urination; and lower-back ache. The kidneys govern the sex organs and thus influence hormonal balance.

When kidney energy is depleted, sex drive is also weak. People with weak kidney energy have trouble getting a deep sleep. The kidneys also influence the health of the bones. Weak kidneys lead to bone diseases, including osteoporosis and fractures. People with weak kidney energy are often prone to accidents.

Psychologically, those with weak kidney energy are chronically anxious and fearful. They also suffer from lack of determination. They usually have family troubles because they lack patience and endurance.

Kidney energy has many effects in the body: It restores youthfulness; it detoxifies; it balances hormones, metabolism, digestion, enzymes, immunity and the adrenal glands. In terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kidney Energy is: The seat of procreation; the vitality center of the body; the basis for clarity of our thinking; the ability to regenerate our body; the basis for sexual energy; Nurtures the liver

An imbalanced kidney energy will cause some serious health symptoms: Wrinkles, dry skin; Brittle hair, hair loss; Chronic fatigue; Immune deficiency; Dry eyes, nose and throat (fluid balance); Excessive thirst; Osteoporosis; Arthritis; Sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness; Deterioration of teeth and gums; Poor growth and development; Infertility

We understand that sexual energy is also fueled by the kidneys so insufficient kidney energy also means that sexual vitality may lessen. Generally, symptoms of insufficient kidney energy includes: lethargy, low sex drive and impotency, lower back pain, frequent urination, knee weakness, osteoporosis, hearing loss, ringing in ears, hair loss, weak, dull hair, prostrate problems and hormonal imbalance

To Strengthening kidney naturally, besides herbs for kidney, there are some foods that can improve kidney energy such as black bean and black sesame. Ganoderma Lucidum as herb for kidney certainly helps to improve its functions too.

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